About This Directory

Licensing and Permitting can be a challenging task. The Baltimore City Licenses and Permits Directory is a central location for citywide licenses, permits, and applications to help make this task easier for you. We are constantly looking to improve access to information so if you have trouble or would like to suggest improvements, please contact the Webmaster.

Food Permits

The Environmental Inspection Services, Food Control Section oversees over 5,000 Baltimore City food facilities to ensure compliance with state and local food safety regulations.

Department of Transportation Permits

Applications for Ceremonial Street Sign, City Equipment Use, Credit Hauling Bond Form for Hauling Permits, Driveway Installation, Horizontal Banner Hanging, Temporary Use of a Right of Way, Vertical Banner Hanging

Handicap Parking Permits

The Reserved Residential Handicap Parking Permit Program, in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), provides disabled citizens of Baltimore City (who qualify for this service) the accommodation of better accessibility to the communities in which they live.

Liquor License/Permits

The Board of Liquor License Commissioners is an agency of the State responsible for regulating the sale, storage, and distribution of retail alcoholic beverages in Baltimore City.

Minor Privilege Permits

A minor privilege permit lets business owners, homeowners and others place private items in the public right-of-way. Some examples include signs, awnings, tables and chairs, dumpsters, sidewalk displays, barber poles, lanterns, and decorative objects.

Residential Parking Permits

Apply for and renew you Residential Parking Permits through the Parking Authority.

Recreation and Parks Events Permits

Apply for permits for General Park Use/Private Event, Festivals, Ball Field Events, Inner Harbor Events.

Special Events

Apply for permits for General Park Use/Private Event, Festivals, Ball Field events, Inner Harbor Events and for an event which will use the public right-of-way; Festival, Block Party, or Mobile event.

Street Vendor Application

The license is required for anyone wanting to sell food products or merchandise of any kind on any street in the City of Baltimore.

Wastewater Discharge Permit Applications

Permits applications for industrial or commercial facilities; restaurants, carry outs, and similar food service facilities;and commercial waste haulers

Business Permits and Licenses

This database contains the most typical Baltimore City permits and licenses that a business may require.

Valet Parking Regulations / Permits

Applications for Valet Parking Operator's License, permits for Valet Parking Zones and Event Permits for valet operations.